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    Our research focuses on the following scientific topics:

1. Active vibration reduction and control methods for mechanical systems.
  The goal of this research topic is to develop mathematical models, simulation and also empirical studies of the effectiveness of the proposed vibration control & reduction design, including adaptive vibration control for selected elements.

2. Design and construction of a new generation multi-surgical manipulator, for minimally invasive surgery (named ROCH for Robot Chirurgiczny, in Polish).

The goal of this research topic is to develop a multi-manipulator mechanical design, its mathematical model, its local microprocessor control system (kinematic controllers) and a main PC controller unit equipped with a real-time operating system.

3. Work in the field of simulation and design of mechatronic systems, including systems to aid people with varying degrees of disability (eg. the personal jack Levabit).

4. Vibroacoustics of elastic plate systems, including measurements:

a) Measuring velocity on small amplitude plates of different shapes, under different exitation methods and boundary conditions;

b) Experimental determination of sound pressure distribution in the Fraunhofer zone with a given velocity distribution;

c) Measurement of acoustic impedance and acoustic power generated by circular plates.

5. Radiation of sound by surfaces and points sources. Sound power, sound pressure. Theoretical and experimental research in a semi-anechoic chamber of University of Rzeszow.

6. Laser microtechnology  and optoelectronic systems.

   These research objectives are realized on the basis of “Centre for Innovation and Knowledge Transfer from Sciences and Engineering” - Laboratory for Control of Electromechanical Systems.

   Information about scientific publications can be found on the individual pages of the KMIA members and also available for search at this address.

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